• River Tubing - [Show thumbnails] River tubing is a lot of fun, no matter what type of person you are. Everybody is always enjoying the River tubing and it will even get bumpy down the small rapids. Note: Not available from middle of December to May Duration: 2 – 3 hours
  • Lake Trip - The lake trip will take you up to the lake and then across it by long tail boat. This might be the most comfortable way to discover the wilderness of Khao Sok, as all you need to do is sit back and take everything in. Lunch will be served at a raft house where we can relax or even go Continue Reading
  • Canoeing - [Show thumbnails] Do your sightseeing while canoeing down the Sok River is a nice and relaxing way, to discover the natural beauty of the wildlife, rainforest and limestone cliffs. Canoe down the river, with our experienced English guide and see the birds, snakes, monkeys and much more. Duration: 3 – 4 hours
  • Overnight Camping in Jungle - [Show thumbnails] This tour is a two day trek full of discoveries.   Camping in Khao Sok’s jungle is the real outdoor experience. Discover the jungle, learn to cook with bamboo, bath with nature and sleep in a tent or even in a hammock. Stay in the middle of the world’s oldest rain forest, with its wildlife and well secured, Continue Reading
  • Night Safari - The night safari is a great experience, as most of the Khao Sok’s wildlife, comes out to hunt at night, with the cooler weather. An experienced night safari guide will take you through the jungle and you may see some amazing animals. The night safari is really a surreal night of fun and a great experience. Duration: 3 – 4 Continue Reading
  • Rafflesia Flower Hike - The biggest flower on earth can be found in Khao Sok. The Rafflesia Flower is a parasite plant and blooms once a year to a diameter of approximately 85 cm. A must see for plant lovers. The climbs are sometimes quiet demanding, so make sure to wear good shoes and be in reasonable condition for the walk. After rainfalls, it Continue Reading
  • Jungle Trekking - [Show thumbnails] Trek through the Khao Sok jungle with one of our English speaking guides and discover what the nature has to offer. It’s advisable to go with one of our experienced guides as they can spot the snakes and any other animals that the untrained eye would miss. You can also learn what to look out for, what you Continue Reading
  • elephant trekking Elephant Trekking - Elephant trekking in the jungle is a great experience to be had.  Trek through the evergreen rainforest where you will see beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and rubber plantations while on the back of a friendly giant. Duration: 3 – 4 hours